Query API

Network Data

getinfo - general information
getdifficulty - current mining difficulty
gethashrate - estimated hash rate (hash/s)
getblockcount - current block height
getlasthash - hash of latest block

Transaction Data

txinfo/TxHash - transaction information
txinput/TxHash - total tx input value
txoutput/TxHash - total tx output value
txfee/TxHash - tx fee value (inputs - outputs)
txcount - number of tx's in blockchain

Address Data

addressinfo/Address/Confs - address information
addresstxns/Address/Count - get recent tx's for address
addresstxpage/Address/Page/Count - get tx's for address in paged format
addresstxcount/Address/TxType - count tx's sent/received by address
addressbalance/Address/Confs - balance of address
addresslimit/Address/Confs - withdrawal limit of address
addresslastseen/Address - block when address last used
addresscount - number of non-empty addresses

Other Data

blockinfo/BlockHash - block information
blockreward - current block reward
coinsupply - total coins mined
unminedcoins - total unmined coins
runtime - time since first block (secs)


sendrawtx/TxHex - send raw transaction hex
submitblock/BlockHex - submit raw block hex


The following example shows a correct URL for checking the balance of an address, disregarding transactions with less than 3 confirmations. All other queries which take 1 or more arguments use the same arg1 and arg2 parameter names as shown below.


Or if URL rewriting is active you can use this more friendly format:



The Confs parameter is optional, the default value is 1.


The Count parameter is optional, if not supplied it will return all transactions for that address. The returned json contains the transaction id's (TxHash) along with the type of transaction ('received', 'sent', 'limit updated', and 'invalid/orphaned'). Results are ordered newest to oldest.


Provides a page-based list of transactions for an address. The Page parameter will determine the page returned and starts at 0 for the most recent page. The Count parameter determines the number of transactions per page and is optional (default is 10). Results are ordered newest to oldest.


The TxType parameter is optional, if not supplied it will return the sum of both sent and received transactions. Valid TxType values are 1 and 2 (1 = sent, 2 = received).